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Winter Is Coming: 5 Yard Care Tips!

October 28, 2020
The season is changing! Soon the autumn colors will fall, the air will get colder, and what was once a colorful wonderland will be a winter one! With all of the hard work you have put into your house's exterior, you will not want to have it go to waste by not preparing for winter correctly. Here are 5 tips to have done before the snow falls!

1. The Leaves
  Raking up leaves can save you from extra yard work and repair in the spring. When the ground freezes with a think layer of fallen leaves over it, it can suffocate the grass below. Whether you rake and compost, or use a mulching mower, this afternoon of work will help your lawn stay healthy during the winter and save you time when the snow melts.

2. Clean Up
  Clean and store all of your patio furniture before the snow starts to fall! Either cover them up with a tarp or store them inside of a shed or garage. This will help your furniture last longer and not wear as quickly.

3. Repair
  Take the extra time to repair outside hardscape features such as railings, walkways, and porches. Take care of those small cracks, splinters, and other damaged areas as the moisture/cold from winter will only make those damages worse come spring. Just like the leaves, taking care of this at the end of fall will save you a lot of damage control in the spring.

4. Winterize
  This is arguably the most important thing for you to do: winterize your lawn. This means reseed and aerate your yard during the fall season. To go that extra step, add some winter fertilizer to the grass to make sure that the roots are able to fully penetrate the soil. Doring this to your yard will ensure a lush lawn come spring.

5. Trim
  When the colder months come, and the snow piles up, there is more possibility that branches from both trees and shrubs will fall. Removing dead limbs in the wintertime can help to prevent dangerous accidents from these limbs falling on children, animals, and visitors. Lastly, make sure that any dead limbs near power lines or breakable property features are removed.
Getting ready for winter can take a few extra hours out of your weekend, but by doing these 5 simple tasks, you will help to ensure that your yard, lawn, and property is protected during the cold months and thriving during the spring. 
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