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First Step in the Home Buying Process

June 12, 2020
What you need to know before you start the home buying process. 

Searching for your new home is an exciting venture, but, especially for first-time buyers, this can seem like a daunting task. The first step is actually quite simple, and while it may not be as fun as browsing through Zillow, it's vital and cannot be skipped.
Before anything else, the most important thing to so is to get pre-approved for your mortgage. So, before you begin favorite-ing listings, go get that pre-approval letter from a lender. Trust me, this will make the whole process much smoother. Nothing is more disappointing than getting your hopes set on a dream home only to find out that you can't get approved for it. For those of you in the Roaring Fork Valley - at the bottom of this post, you will find links to a few of my favorite lenders.
Now, some of you may be wondering why getting that pre-approval letter is the first and foremost step in the home buying process - and there are a few reasons this is the case:
  1. You need to know how much you can borrow. Unless you are able to pay for a home outright, you will need to take out a loan. This knowledge will set you up for success as you can then narrow your search and set realistic expectations.
  2. During the pre-approval process, not only do you get to learn about how much you can borrow, you also will uncover how much money is required for the down payment and subsequent closing costs. This will give you a good idea of what you need to be saving now.
  3. Last, but not least, having a pre-approval letter sets you apart from the crowd as a serious buyer. Something that looks really good to real estate agents and the sellers!
Getting pre-approved not only sets you up with realistic numbers to crunch and expectations to have, it also helps you land those initial talks with agents and sellers. Many real estate agents, especially in the luxury market, require a pre-approval letter before even having a meeting, let alone a showing.
To find lenders near you, I suggest doing a quick Google search. Look at the reviews and make sure to find the right fit for you. As for everyone here in the Roaring Fork Valley, below I have listed a few of my favorite recommendations.
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